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REVIEWS 2022-2023


Opera Carolina Revitalizes La Traviata, Finding Fresh Drama at Key Moments

Stage director Sam Mungo's most brilliant stroke was how Germont suddenly entered and rebuked his grandstanding son after he had publicly humiliated Violetta following his gambling triumph. The moment was so powerful.

My 103 year old mom asked me if this was how Violetta's story was always told. No matter how many times you've seen La Traviata, this Opera Carolina production made it feel fresh and different.

Opera Wire

Director Sam Mungo had two options for this piece – to surprise the audience with a new take or keep with the classics. He chose the latter, and it worked well as the audience turnout and applause made it clear.

The cast’s shared determination, artistry, and connection made for an outstanding final performance. Of course, every production be it opera, musical theatre, or straight play aims to have this togetherness, but not all meet the goal. The Opera Carolina team and cast, however, did.


Broad Street Review
Così’s first act is filled with lively comic situations that moved this production along at a quick dramatic pace, the company clearly delighted and buoyed by director Samuel Mungo’s clever staging. In Così, the stage director has a plethora of choices, and Mungo skillfully included farcical pratfalls, operetta tropes, and commedia stagecraft. He also made great use of Glenn Avery Breed’s on-point costumes, opulent garments with just the right touch of zany elegance to allow for sartorial jokes.


This brash production…brings subscribers a radically different experience. A striking video montage…suffused with authenticity and often riveting. There is music and drama in this latest Opera Carolina production- and poetry as well.

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